Research Interests

1. Multiscale/multiphysics modeling and optimization of Lithium ion battery
2. Advanced battery management systems
3. Hybrid powertrain design and control strategy development
4. Electric vehicle Power electronic Control and Optimization
5. Active safety/automated driving

Degradation modeling and optimization of Li-ion batteries

As one of the most promising energy storage systems, Li-ion batteries become widely used in the renewable energy systems and transportation electrification. However, there are still many issues facing Li-ion batteries. One of the most important issues is the degradation of the cells during operation, which becomes the limiting factor in battery cycle life. Longer cycle life is urgently needed to achieve the economic viability in electric vehicles and renewable energy infrastructure. In order to achieve longer cycle life, several key questions need to be addressed, including: (1) how do Li-ion batteries degrade over long-term cycling (degradation analysis); (2) how should we design Li-ion batteries that last longer (optimal design); (3) how sh
ould we manage Li-ion batteries in different applications to achieve longer cycle life (intelligent management).
We are investigating the battery long term degradation and addressing the above knowledge

Accurate state estimation and  intelligent management of Li-ion batteries
We are developing advanced control software for battery SOC (state of charge) estimation, SOH (state of health) estimation and thermal monitoring.
We are also developing fast charging protocols that reduces the charge duration and battery degradation simultaneously. 

Multiscale/Multiphysics Modeling

We are developing multiscale/multiphysics models to better understand the physical mechanism in our research. 

Hybrid Vehicle Design, Modeling and Control
Limited fossil fuel reserve and global warming provide a strong driving force for developing high efficient and clean transportation system. We are designing advanced hybrid powertrain to extend the range of urban vehicles. Energy management strategies are investigated to improve the electric range, components efficiencies, as well as battery cycle life.